Do you often get headaches? Feel fatigued or depressed? Have difficulty concentrating? You may just be dehydrated…

As it turns out, our bodies react to dehydration—mild or severe—quite dramatically. Unless you’re someone who suffers from congestive heart failure or have certain kinds of kidney diseases, you should probably be drinking more water.

A severely dehydrated person is very easy to spot. Severe dehydration causes the lips to chap, and makes skin very sensitive and dry. An extremely dehydrated person may even find it difficult to stand up, and could even collapse. Symptoms like these are easy to distinguish, but for more mild cases, the symptoms are actually much harder to recognize.

Mild dehydration is much less dramatic, but equally important to avoid. A mildly dehydrated person often develops a headache, may be unusually tired and inattentive, and may find it difficult to concentrate. These symptoms appear very similar to other conditions, and may even be misdiagnosed as depression or something else. However, for many, their symptoms could quickly disappear if they simply drank some water.

While drinking water is an effective way to combat dehydration and promote wellness, some may find an intravenous drip of a nutrient-enriched hydration solution to be an effective and faster-acting alternative. Thanks to the bioavailability of IV hydration therapy, it’s actually one of the fastest and most effective ways to provide the body with the essential vitamins and minerals it may be lacking. So far, many have found it effective at treating all levels of dehydration, while also lifting their moods, relieving a hangover, and boosting immune health.

Fortunately, trying IV hydration therapy is pretty easy to do. Simply schedule an appointment with a wellness center like ours. Or, if you prefer, simply complete the brief form below, and one of our nurses will give you a call to schedule a treatment.

It’s ironic that dehydration (and depression) is so common among those living in the developed world. Clean drinking water is among one of the few things that we can still get for free from just about anywhere. However, most people have replaced drinking water all together with coffee, tea, or soda, making dehydration and depression all-too-common. The next time you find yourself developing a headache, do yourself a favor: instead of reaching for that Tylenol, try drinking some water instead. Dehydrated or not, your body will still appreciate it, and you may even find it helps alleviate your symptoms.

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