A myth most migraine sufferers would prefer to dispel is that a migraine is not just a headache. A migraine is pain that takes over your senses, screaming at you. It is nausea, flashing lights, loss of balance, light, sound and scent sensitivity, confusion, pins and needles, numbness, difficulty with speech and coordination. These symptoms can last for several hours or several days and can occur once in a while or multiple times a week.

Once a migraine diagnosis is made, treatment options aim at stopping the symptoms and preventing future attacks. Since every person experiences migraines differently, there is not a one size fits all treatment plan.

Preventative treatment options, usually include a combination of medication, nutritional supplements, lifestyle alterations and surgery. The medications commonly prescribed for prevention include blood pressure lowering medicine, anti-depressants, anti-seizure medication and Botox injections. Some alternative therapies are also recommended such as acupuncture, stress reduction techniques, and exercise. 

At the onset of a migraine, is when pain-relieving medications are used for treatment. This category is also called acute or abortive and it is aimed at stopping the symptoms of a migraine. Pain relievers, triptans, opioids and anti-nausea drugs work best as soon as the sign and symptoms of a migraine begin.

In addition to traditional treatment options, Ketamine is also being explored to help with the acute pain associated with migraines. Ketamine infusions have primarily been used to treat depression however studies have shown that it may provide relief for migraine suffers when other drugs have been ineffective. Patients who had not received relief from other medications they tried, reported that after a ketamine treatment, their pain level decreased significantly. This pain relief also lasted 30 to 100 days in just about half the patients.

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