Over the past few years, dozens of ketamine clinics have opened from coast to coast—ketamine seems to be catching everyone’s attention, from the media to opportunistic entrepreneurs. One national clinic began their journey two years ago with two small clinics in lightly-populated areas of the United States but has since opened ten more locations. The rapid growth and popularity of ketamine infusions is, in one way, a powerful and positive gift: it allows this highly effective depression treatment to reach more individuals who are suffering. However, not all ketamine clinics are created equal: some clinics are operating in an ethical “gray area,” following improper protocols or being too lax during the patient screening process.

So, how can you be sure you’re choosing a credible ketamine clinic? One that considers your comfort and safety their #1 priority? Look for the following:

1. Experienced staff & medical professionals; a ketamine clinic should be run by physicians, clinicians or anesthesiologists

2. Positive reviews

3. A thorough intake process that requires collaboration between your entire care team, including your primary care physician and/or mental healthcare providers

4. Monitoring for drug side effects

5. Compassionate care in a comfortable environment

Ketamine infusions are not typically the first line of depression treatment. Ketamine is used to treat individuals with severe depression or chronic pain after first-line treatments have failed. A trustworthy ketamine clinic will require a thorough patient screening and intake process that requires input from other members of the patient’s care team. Off-label ketamine is becoming more popular, but with the growth of the ketamine industry, there are concerns that some clinics are offering ketamine infusions to whoever is able to afford it.


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