With COVID-19 taking over the majority of our lives, stress is definitely taking it’s toll on our mental state…and our physical state. With heightened stress levels attacking our immune system (not to mention the impending threat of catching a novel virus) Emergen-C and Airborne is in short supply across the country.

However, there are many natural, holistic ways to boost the immune system. Here are 5 easy ways you can naturally boost your immune system, starting today!

1. Turmeric. This supplement is known for its anti-inflammatory properties—chronic inflammation is often associated with diseases like Alzheimers, cancer and heart disease. You can take Turmeric as a pill, or drink it as a tea.

2. Eat healthy, nutrient-dense foods. Your body needs whole, nutrient-dense foods to properly fuel itself in order to fight infections. Processed foods cause inflammation, and having healthy foods like vegetables, proteins, and healthy fats can make sure your body fights bacteria and illnesses.

3. Elderberry. Studies have shown that elderberry has antiviral properties, and is known for lessening the duration of cold and flu symptoms.

4. Exercise. Doing moderate exercise 3-5 times a week has been shown to dramatically improve one’s health. Not just for burning calories and losing weight, but for boosting your immune system, improving cognitive function, and increasing your metabolism.

5. IV hydration therapy. IV hydration therapy is a type of vitamin treatment where vitamins and nutrients are directly injected into the bloodstream. Depending on the nutrients used, IV hydration can be a quick way to rehydrate the body and boost your immune system. Ask us about creating a custom immune-boosting drip just for you!

Schedule your free consultation with our clinic and find out how IV hydration therapy could help you reach your health and wellness goals. Let us help you live your best life today!

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